4 Ways Smart Leaders Can Help Their Team Thrive During Uncertain Times

During this incredibly challenging time, human resources leaders have to acknowledge that workers are under immense pressure. Perhaps like never before. They are not trying to manage some of the most harrowing ordeals outside of work, with fresh coping challenges. They have to be mentally prepared for social distance from their loved ones and then not rest their head on a colleague’s shoulder. It’s quite an amazingly difficult time we’re all in at the moment. But, we can all do our bit to help, and leaders have to show others how it’s done. Leading from the front is the only way a business will get out of its rut and back into growth and expansion territory again.

Have meetings with pride

Everyone will be social distancing in the office, but you still have to have meetings. Meetings are a great way to catch up, get to know one another again, and set the agenda. You’ll also be getting updates on the progress of things going on around the office. However, you need to have pride ever-present in the meetings. You can do this by reminding the workers of a few things and doing some things to boost their morale.

  • Remind everyone that the business is adapting to make sure they have a job. Just hearing that you will have a job next week is great news in this day and age. Remind them that although the times are tough, you are figuring things out and learning to adapt to the world’s new way.
  • Give everyone a round of applause. The only way you’ll get through a crisis is together. So that round of applause will be heard and felt by everyone. The louder it is, the more of a morale booster it will be!
  • Remind them that they are here for a reason. They are valued, great at what they do, and they will need to use their talents to make their clients feel just as good as they do. Working hard to meet deadlines and project specifications is something they should set their minds to beat the virus.

Give them more room and time

Speaking of deadlines, you should try to elongate them now if you can. Give your employees more time to finish their work. It’s only right as they have been walloped by the pressures of trying to work from home, then arrive at the office and try to get their shopping done while the stores demand safety measures. 

The additional stress of having to meet deadlines that have not been adjusted for the new times will backfire. So, one thing HR leaders can do is to give their employees more time and space to finish work. Speak with the managers and boss of the business to get them to understand this.

Provide remote support

Mental health is a huge topic right now. We need to know that our employer will give us the support we need to get through this horrible time. Therefore as leaders, you should try and provide that support, whether at the office or home. Remote working is the norm now, so hiring a service that offers mental health counseling and tips for coping with stress, is vital. One way leaders can help their employees with mental health is to get them to write their issues down and give them to the HR department. This way, we can adapt to each employee and get the best out of them.

Accept their unique talents

HR leaders can make a killer workforce if they just accept that they cannot ever hope to design a mold that everyone will fit in, one way or another. Accepting that they are different in both mental and physical skills is something that needs to be celebrated. This way, you can show your employees that they have a place in the business and that you’re not just looking for someone to follow orders all the time.

Therefore, in times like this, be more encouraging to employees to use their talents in the best ways. Allow them to make suggestions of how they could work, what they could do, and their roles as part of their roles.

We recommend that you take good care of your employees now and show them what real leadership is about. Have meetings filled with pride and gusto, get them energized to be motivated, and part of a team effort. 

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